Occasionally, we are asked why our hose costs more than the competition. Here are the facts to help you make an informed decision.

No Freeze Water Hose Others
Manufactured in the USA, not CHINA
Highest quality industrial-grade parts
Insulated, making it more efficient and
saving you money on your electric bill
Protective cover that will not rip, tear, or burn
Hydrualically crimped fittings made from forged brass
Choice for electric outlet at either end of the hose
Indicator light to show the hose is on
Comes in sizes of 15', 25', 35', and 50'
Self-regulating (no thermostat) - a thermostat
can cause problems if hose is in a heated bay

In addition

Each hose comes with our excellent customer support. You get a live voice from a decision maker when you call and an even faster response when you email.

Best of all

Our customers love being part of the Hanky the No Freeze Water Hose Family - just read their testimonials! We can't make this stuff up!

Ready for a high quality hose that will last for many winters to come?

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